Platform login and community selection

Platform login

Users can access the platform from the login page, shown in Figure 1
Login Page sample
Figure 1: Login form
  1. Type your login and password, then click Access
  2. If you forgot your password, choose Recover login credentials and you will be redirect to another page, where you will enter your email address and click Request to receive your credentials by mail.
  3. Choose Help to open this tutorial.
mail recover form
Figure 2: Mail recovery form

Communities access

Once logged in, you will be redirect to the platform home page, from where you can access communities. A community is a virtual environment ruled by user roles and permissions in which people can collaborate, share documents and communicate. To access a community you have to be enrolled. The enrollment procedure can be performed by administrators or by users themselves.
Communities access
Figure 3: Communities access
  1. The home page displays a noticeboard on the left and a quick access area on the right where you can find:
    • A list of the last fifteen visited communities, to which you can access simply by clicking a community name.
    • Your communities button, which leads you to the dedicated summary page of all the communities you are enrolled in.
Community list detail
Figure 4: Community list detail